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Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money:

  • Unplug unused electronics
    If an electronic device is plugged into an outlet it can still use electricity whether or not it is turned on. Unplug battery chargers and power adapters when they finish charging, or are not in use. Consider using a power strip that can be turned off when you're done using (or at bedtime) your computers, printers, wireless routers, and other electronics. Source: EPA
  • Improve your car's fuel economy
    Keep your tires properly inflated, avoid excessive idling, remove any unnecessary objects from your car, drive sensibly, and observe the speed limit. For more ideas visit
  • Look for Energy-Star approved electronics
    Energy Star products are approved by the government to meet certain energy efficiency guidelines. In particular, many approved devices use less energy when turned off, but still plugged in. Go to the Energy Star website to find out more. Visit
  • Manage your computer's power use
    Program inactive monitors and computers to go into a low-power sleep mode and turn off peripheral devices when they are not being used (speakers, scanners, printers, etc.). Source:
  • Use your air-conditioning less
    Keep window coverings closed during the day, set the thermostat to 72 degrees in the summer, raise the thermostat when you leave your home, clean or replace filters once a month or as needed, replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, and for long term savings, consider purchasing programmable thermostats, ceiling fans, and Energy Star approved products. Source: DOE