History & Mission

In 2005, several recent graduates of Johns Hopkins University were experiencing a similar problem, it was very difficult to find quick and simple answers to some basic environmental questions, such as “How can I recycle my old electronics?” and “What local incentives are available for water and energy conservation?” Even though answers could eventually be found, it could take hours online to find an optimal solution. Knowing that most people would not be willing to invest that much time and energy to help the environment, the group decided to address the problem themselves and they founded OurEarth.org in 2006.

The OurEarth.org website began as a simple idea to make it easier for the public to find environmental information. The founders had realized that there were indeed outstanding programs, activities, initiatives, ideas, and grassroots efforts across the country but it was difficult to sort through all of the websites and information available. As a result, important natural resources, energy savings, and pollutant reductions were being lost each and every day, causing unnecessary damage to our planet.

As the organization grew, OurEarth.org expanded its goals to not only provide information but also provide the resources and tools to help create a new generation of environmental leaders. This five-year evolution has led the organization to where it is today.

The mission of OurEarth.org is to engage, empower, and nurture current and future environmental leaders by providing education and access to information. OurEarth.org combines a novel combination of grassroots activism, education, and internet technology to achieve its goals. At the heart of the organization is the OurEarth.org website which is a community-driven portal for environmental programs, activities, and resources.

OurEarth.org, a 501(c)(3) non-profit environmental organization, is led by the original founding members in addition to a team of environmental experts and leaders from around the country. The organization also involves undergraduate and graduate students from dozens of U.S. college campuses.

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